5 Challenge Coin Rules to Live By


Challenge Coin rules may not always be formalized for a specific unit. In fact, rules may vary from one organization to another, but generally speaking, there are five main rules. If you want to find out what those rules are, then feel free to read the rest of this article.

Never Leave Home Without It

You will keep your challenge coin on you at all times in preparation for a challenge or to challenge others if the opportunity presents itself.  There are no acceptable excuses for not having your coin on your person.  This is why you should be selective as to which coin you will carry.  (Some people have rules on what coins are acceptable for challenging, but for this blog and MY rules, any challenge coin is acceptable as long as the coin is not currency).

The Challenge 

Drawing your coin is the first of the five Challenge Coin rules, as doing this is how a challenge is initiated. With your coin out, you will present it and announce that you are initiating a coin check. This can also be done by other means, such as stating it, shouting it, singing it, or even screaming it.  As an alternate method, you can also take the coin and place it on the floor, bar or table with enough noise so the person/persons know they are being challenged.

Drop Down With It

You want to be careful to not drop your coin by accident. If this happens and the coin makes a loud enough noise on impact to draw attention, then this could be understood by others to be a challenge initiation.  It doesn’t matter if the drop was by accident or not, so make sure you keep that in mind.  As a helpful tip, if a challenge is accidentally initiated, you want to stay ahead of the game.  Instead of something as expensive as a drink (some places are more expensive then others) then be sure to announce that the challenge is for something small.

The Response

The next important rule is in regards to how others respond. The response consists of other people, the ones you’re challenging, taking out their own coins in a similar manner. For example, if you draw your coin and issue a challenge by firmly placing it down on the floor, then those challenged will likely take out their own coins and place it down on the floor in same way, but the manner in which the response was given does not have to mirror the challenger’s.

If others are issuing you a challenge, then you must respond properly and with speed.  Remember, slow is smooth and smooth is fast.  If you don’t respond properly or are unable to respond at all, then the rule is that you have to surrender to the challenger whatever it was they proclaimed as the challenge payment.  Remember, the requirement of what you have to do depends on the organization or group of people you are with, but if it takes place in a bar setting or party atmosphere, then buying a round of drinks is what you’ll most likely have to do.  (As previously mentioned, different organizations and groups of people may have slightly different rules)

However, if you respond to a challenge by presenting a coin in return, the one who issued the challenge will have lost the challenge.  For example, if someone challenges you and you respond properly and so do your friends (if they were challenged too), then the challenger will buy you and your friends a round of drinks (if that was the challenge).

Anytime Anywhere

Also, do not forget that it doesn’t matter where it is or what time it is, a coin check can be initiated. In other words, the where and when does not matter. There really is no exception to the rules, so make sure you keep this in mind.

Now you know what the Challenge Coin rules are. As you can see, there are a few rules to live by. As previously mentioned, these rules may not always apply to every organization or unit, but these are generally the rules recognized many military units and organizations.

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